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A foreign passport can be exempted from the tsinghua university 10-09
Join in Malta or Belgium,you can get British residency 10-09
Ireland  investment immigration 12-25
Canada: education+immigrationPEQ project 12-22
Grenada 11-27
0 cost migrate to Germany 09-11
Cyprus investment immigration (directly got PR) 09-11
Cyprus investment immigration (project of passport) 09-11
Greece investment immigration 09-11
Portugal investment immigration 09-11
Italy investment immigration 09-11
Spain investment immigrant(non-profit) 09-11
Spain investment immigration 09-11
Canada Dundurn International Exhibition Centre project 09-11
L1 professional manager 09-11
US EB-3 immigration service 09-11
Yellowstone Club project 09-11


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Consulting Hotline:0532-88965966/89772972 (24 Hours)
Fax: 0532-67785351
Consulting Address: Room 1805, Gold Building, Tianbao International, No.61,Haier Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao
copywriter Center: Room 1204, Building 22, Yongsheng Weilan Hai’an , No.238 Xianggang East Road

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